Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein:WHAT! Pakhi becomes the surrogate mother?

Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein

Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein : Sai asks Geeta about her behavior. She tells that a nurse came to their place and told that they can have problems after the surrogacy.

After hearing this she got scared.Sai gets angry and thinks that who has done this and has told all this to geeta to manipulate her.Sai feels bad .

On the other hand, pakhi thinks that she has successfully done the things she needed to do and now no one can stop her from being a surrogate mother.

Sai takes geeta to the doctor to show her that there is no such problem with surrogacy . Sai makes Geeta agree to be the surrogate mother after consoling Yogendra, she goes to the hospital with Geeta. 

But Unfortunately, pakhi becomes the surrogate, and when sai gets to know this Sai gets shocked and angry. Pakhi gets happy.

Sai brings the family together and asks why did pakhi do this to her when she had already told all of them that she does not want her to become the surrogate.

In the latest episodes, pakhi tries to convince Virat so that she can become the surrogate mother. But he tells that he can’t do anything in this case as sai has decided on someone else.

Sai comes gets angry seeing pakhi holding the hand of Virat. After that, she gets to know that Geeta can be the surrogate mother and tell the news to Virat.

Later sai,Virat and Geeta go to the hospital and the doctor tells the procedure that they will use to the surrogacy.Sai gets happy.Virat thanks geeta for helping them.

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