Kundali Bhagya Latest Update-29th July 2022:OH GOD! Arjun saves preeta

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022: Preeta and rishab gets ready to leave for their home when preeta walks on the road without noticing the car and a car comes from behind.

Arjun comes there and drags preeta using her hand and they get close to each other once again. Preeta keeps on looking at Arjun thinking of the similarity with Karan.

Rishab notices this and goes to her to save her. Later preeta goes home and thinks about Shrishti and sees that her sister is worried.

Shrishti asks her what is she thinking about and why is she worried, she says that she was missing Karan Shristi asks whether it is about Karan or somebody else. Preeta tells that it is about your job.

In the latest episode of Rishabh and Preeta goes to Apologise to Arjun. Arjun opens the door and gets shocked to see both of them outside his house.

Anjali welcomes both of them Rishab catches preeta’s hand and goes into the house seeing this Arjun gets shocked.

After getting into the house Anjali offers them water and she asks them that what they want to have. They say that they should not have anything.

Arjun tells that this can’t be that thing he asks Anjali to bring falooda for both of them Reeta remembers how she used to eat falooda with Karan.

Then Arjun asks Rishabh why are they were there. Rishabh apologize to him for the mistake and for misunderstanding him.

Arjun says that he does not want to listen sorry from him because he has not done any mistake it was Preeta who slapped him.

Preeta apologizes to Arjun for her wrong behaviour. Rishabh tries to defend Preeta he tells actually she was she was disturbed since few days that’s why this happened.

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