Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 :Preeta Slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya

Rakhi gets angry and tells that she can’t wait in the traffic because her son is in danger. She gets out of the car and tells that you will be walking to the hospital.

Along with her Preeta, Srishti and bani also works on the road and goes towards the hospital on the other hand the goons the speaks to each other.

One of the goon calls his mother and asks him to pray for Rishabh the other guy asks him why is he asking his mother to play for Rishabh.

He tells that when Arjun was telling them and warning them he saw that Arjun is very angry on them and if they hide anywhere in the world attitude will kill them.

The man says that he could do nothing because god will not listen to his prayers but god will listen to the prayers of his mother.

Anjali finds both of them in the hospital and ask them that why did they do all this. Sameer comes over there and both of the men runs away from their.

Everyone finds that Arjun is also in the same Hospital.Preeta goes and slaps him and tells that Arjun is responsible for the accident of Rishabh.

She tells that she has seen him in the video running on the road. Anjali asks preeta to stop but Arjun tell her not to stop her. Arjun goes away from there.

The doctor tells everyone that Arjun has brought Rishab to the hospital and he has helped them for the blood donation. Everyone gets shocked to know that Arjun was helping them.

Rakhi goes and hugs Arjun she tells him that she has already lost one of her son and she can’t even forget the pain of losing her son.

Both of them gets emotional Arjun tells sorry to her. She tells him that she will never forget how he has helped them. Arjun also tells her that he will never allow anyone to hurt her son.

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