Anupama upcoming episode 26th July 2022: Barkha tries to create a misunderstanding between Anupama and Pakhi


A lot of twists will be seen in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The makers of the show are coming up with new and interesting story in the upcoming episode.

Vanraj gets to know that pakhi is at the Kapadia house. He goes there and asks Pakhi to come out of the house and to come with him to their house.

Pakhi tells that she won’t go to their house because she has decided to stay at that house with her mother were there for that day.

Vanraj does not listen to her and asks her to come with him she also gives warning to her and tells her that if she does not come with him then the door of his house will be always closed for her.

After seeing all this over there Anupama begs Pakhi and asks her to go back to the house and not to create any drama over there.

Pakhi, at last, decides to go back to her own house Anupama gets emotional and hugs her while she goes to leave the house.

She also tells Anupama that she is leaving her elder daughter for her younger daughter. She says that life is very unpredictable.

Taki tells Anupama that if something happens in the life that she comes into that house permanently then she can do anything.

Anupama gets shocked hearing this. On the other hand Barkha and Adhik feels good they think that their plan is working.

Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show.

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