Hamster and Gretel will premiere on August 12 | Hamster and Gretel Trailer

Hamster and Gretel

Disney Hamster and Gretel will premiere on August 12.The story revolves around a girl and a hamster.Now according to the updates and the trailer the girl gets the power.

She gets the power from the aliens and her hamster also get the power. Actually, her brother Kevin was supposed to recieve the powers, rather than Hamster.

But things went wrong and now Gretel and Hamster must fight to protect the city and evin will also try to help them and stay by their side.

Starring in Hamster and Gretel

Meli Povenmire Gretel 
Michael CiminoKevin
SNL’s Beck BennettGretel’s pet hamster
Joey KingTech-savvy cousin
Matt JonesDave
Carolina RavassaCarolina

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