Anupama Upcoming Episode 620 Spoiler Alert: OH NO! Vanraj finds Adhik and Pakhi Together

Anupama Upcoming Episode 620 Spoiler Alert: Anuj and Anupama start dancing. Seeing them everyone also starts dancing and enjoying the function.

On the other hand Adhik and pakhi. Gets close to each other he takes pakhi from there and they go outside the house. No one notices all this.


Later after some time, vanraj catches Adhik and Pakhi Together and he gets angry on them he brings both of them into the hall.

He starts slapping Adhik. Ankush gets angry at him for beating him. Anuja asks him to behave himself and asks what has happened.

Did vanraj find Adhik and pakhi together ?

What will happen to Anupama and the Kapadia family now?

A quick sneak peek into Anupama’s latest update:

Rakhi tries to manipulate Barkha against Anupama she tells her that Anupama is the owner of the Kapadia business where she must be the owner of the business.

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She also brings all the old stories and tells them to Barkha. She tells her the love story of Malvika and vanraj. Barkha tries to ignore her she says that each and every family has problems.

Anupama overhears the conversation and then she gives a good reply to Rakhi. She tells that she wants to maintain all the relationships and she does not think that is bad.

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