Starplus Anupama 4th July 2022:Vanraj drags Adhik in front of everyone

Anupama 4th July 2022

Anupama 4th July 2022: the family starts dancing on “Didi Tera Devar Deewana song” everyone participates in the dance. On the other hand Adhik and Pakhi stares at each other.

Pakhi and Adhik go from there. After some time Anupama notice that but she is not there and she starts finding her. Pakhi and Adhik both tell each other that they both wanted to say something to each other.

Pakhi asks him to tell first what he want to say her both of them hold each other’s hand. Anupama keeps on finding both of them and suddenly she finds that someone is in the room.

Anupama opens the door and finds that Hardik and Pakhi both are over there and she gets shocked to see both of them together holding each others hand.

Before she could say anything vanraj comes from behind and shouts at them. He enters the room Anupama goes to stop him so that he does not do anything bad.

But he does not listen to anyone he drags Adhik from the room and bring him into the hall everyone gets shocked to see him. Everyone start asking that what is going on.

Vanraj slaps Adhik ,Anuj asks that why did he slapped him and what is going on over there.Vanraj tells that Adhik was misbehaving with his daughter and he will never tolerate all this in his house.

Barkha ask him that how can he do and speak like that to her brother.Vanraj tell her that she should speak to her brother and ask him that why is he doing all this to him.

Pakhi starts crying. Anuj says that if Adhik is wrong then he will punish him but first you should get to know what has happened.Vanraj tell him that both of them went into a room and Adhik was trying to get close to his daughter.

Adhik says that he wanted to speak to her and that’s why he took her over there because there was so much of sound in the hall. Leela says that how can this be possible if they wanted to speak they can speak in front of everyone there is no need of taking Taki to another room.

Rakhi says that she is absolutely right. Anupama tells her to keep quiet . Hasmukh tells Leela that at first they should get to know what has actually happened. Anuj asks Anupama to tell him what happened in the room.

Anupama does not say anything and keeps quiet vanraj tells Anuj that the silence of Anupama is proving who is guilty. Vanraj says that Adhik is a loafer and he was trying to miss behave with his daughter and that too in his room.

Kavya comes into the house and finds that everyone is fighting with each other she asks what is going on. She asks Adhik to tell everyone what is the truth. He tells that they are only friends and they just went over there to speak to each other.

Pakhi shouts and tells that she had intentionally gone with him to that room. Paritosh asks him to keep quiet. And asks them to keep quiet and listen to what the kids are saying. But no one listens to one another and vanraj keeps on shouting.

Vanraj tells Anupama that he has always told that they should not come to that house and there should not be any relation between both the houses anymore but she did not listen and care about what he said and that’s why this has happened.

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