Anupama upcoming episode 21st July 2022 promo update

Anupama’s upcoming episode 21st July 2022 promo update: a lot of interesting twists will be coming in the upcoming episode of Star Plus’s daily soap Anupama.

Leela asks Kinjal whether Anupama will come to the clinic to help her out or not. She tells that Anupama will be coming to the clinic to help her and she is already on her way.


Anupama works along with her daughter Anu in the market when suddenly Anu starts running on the road and the bike comes in front of her Anupama screams because she gets scared.

On the other hand Kinjal goes to the clinic for her check up but Anupama does not come. She started thinking that why is Anupama still not coming to the clinic.

After returning to home Kinjal tells that Anupama could not come to the hospital and it may be due to some serious reason. Vanraj starts shouting he tells that Anupama has forgotten all her duties.

He tells everyone that after Anupama has become a mother she has forgotten the duties of mother-in-law and now she is taking care of her own daughter.

In the recent track Anuj and Anupama takes anu to admit her to her new school all of them gets excited. They find Pakhi standing in front of the school.

Anu tells pakhi that she is there to get admitted to her school. Pakhi feel bad he tells that this is not possible and they should not admit her to the same school.

Anuj tries to make her understand.Vanraj tells that he does not like if anyone speaks to his daughter in a high tone. Anuj says that it is similar for him also.

Anupama makes her understand that she is behaving like a kid because if she does not like to introduce Anu to anyone it is ok and there is no problem with it.

Pakhi says that when she will be getting admitted to the school it is very normal that Anupama will be coming there to take her home and then everyone will ask her about Anu.

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