Starplus Anupama S01 Episode 21st may 2022


The episode begins with Leela telling Anuj that he somehow managed to take the blessing from her but she was not willing to bless him.

Anuj says that he knows very well that she wanted to bless you. Anuj and Anupama takes blessing from all the family members.

After this Leela asks Anupama and Anuj to do the Aarti and then leave the house. While doing the Aarti Anupama gets emotional and she starts crying.

Anu then gets emotional while recalling the time she came to the house. Hasmukh dental to perform the last ritual of the wedding.

The ritual begins and everyone starts giving good wishes to Anupam and Anuj for their upcoming married life. The children get emotional seeing that Anupama will be leaving the house.

Vanraj tell that he will be not write anything because he does not want Anupama to carry her past with her. He gives a gift to Anupama and Anuj which makes both of them happy.

Kavya takes part in the ritual and adorably warns Anuj to take care of Anu. Pakhi breaks down into tears she gets emotional. Anupama consoles her.

Later on Hasmukh asks Anuj to take care of Anupama and Anuj assures him that he will always take care of Anupama. Everyone gets emotional while Anupama and Anuj get ready to leave.

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Samar tells everyone that no one should cry because it is a good beginning and it should be a nice beginning for Anupama. He says that he knows everyone will be emotional after they leave but still they will not cry while Anuj and Anupam and leaves the house.

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