Anupama Spoiler Alert: Are Adhik and Pakhi in love?

Anupama Spoiler

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anupama makes Adhik understand. She tells that before doing anything the children must always think about their family that what will happen to their family they do something.

She tells him that Anuj and everyone once that pakhi becomes independent in her life and she does something. She says that she has always asked for money from her husband.

And now she can realize how important it is to earn and to get an independent life and have an identity in this world. Anupama tells him to focus on his career.

Anu says that it is a very narrow time when people build their career and if they can successfully build their career then the whole life is beautiful.

She tells that during building the career Mini obstructions come in the way like liking or love but they should only focus on the career and make their destiny.

Anupama tells Adhik that not only she but his parents also wants him to build his career and to stand on his own feet so that he can become something in his life.

After telling all this and Anupama asks him whether he has felt bad or not he says that he has not felt bad at all and he hugs her she tells him that now he is a friend of Pakhi and he should speak to her.

Anupama tells that when he has become a friend then he should also do the responsibilities of a friend. Adhik says that he will surely speak to Pakhi.

Barkha gets shocked to hear this you will see why Adhik is telling all this to Anupama. Then Adhik hugs Anupama and tells that he can understand her feelings.

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