Anupama 7th July 2022 Sneak Peek: Anupama confronts Adhik about his feelings for Pakhi


Anuj and Anupama sits in a tea stall and they have tea. Anuj tell that in this matter he can’t do anything because the children is not his children it is the children of Anupama and in this case, she have to manage everything.

He says that if it was a case of Sara or Adhik then he would have taken the responsibility and he would have made everything fine.

Anupama understands and tells that there is no problem and it is absolutely ok that he is not getting into all this matter because it will complicate things.

On the other hand vanraj goes to see Pakhi he finds that she is sleeping he says that he has no problem if she goes to see Anupama but he can’t allow her to interact with any other family members of that family.

Vanraj says he will get Pakhi a best education and will find a suitable boy. He decides to distance Pakhi from Kapadia’s. He goes from there and Pakhi realizes that her father is very angry and he won’t allow her to meet Adhik.

Anupama says children today is getting influenced by social media. She adds even Parents are equally important in spoiling their children.

Anuj asks Anupama to speak to Adhik he says that she can solve the matter by speaking to him.Anuj says they can make Pakhi and Adhik understand but what about Vanraj.

Samar goes and gifts tea to vanraj. He tells his father that he was supporting him because he was right but if this goes on we can’t support him anymore because he is getting angry without any reason.

Anupama tells Adhik that she is not telling him anything but she is making him understand. She tells him that she has also seen him and Pakhi close to each other but she has not given attention at that time.

She asks him what does he feel for pakhi she says that he can tell her about this. Barkha comes from behind and tells that she has already spoken to him about this matter.

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