Star Plus Anupama upcoming episode 22nd June 2022 promo update


A lot of twist and turns will be seen in the coming episodes of Star Plus status of Anupama. It will be very interesting to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episodes.

Anupama upcoming episode 22nd June 2022 promo update

Anupama takes Kinjal inside the room.Vanraj stops her and tells that Kinjal and the baby came to that house to meet their grandmother.

He tells that their grandmother does not stay over there because now Anupama is not Anupama she has became Anupama Kapadia.

Vanraj tells in front of everyone that from now no one will be coming to the Kapadia house from the Shah house.

Anupama breaks down completely and she feels bad after hearing on this. Anuj gets shocked seeing the behaviour of vanraj.

In the recent episodes It is seen that it everyone starts dancing in the party when Kinjal stands up to put the glass in the kitchen.

Barkha also stands up at that moment and by accident Barkha pushes Kinjal and falls down. She started screaming and pain.

Immediately Anuj and Anupama takes her to the hospital for a checkup because she is pregnant. On the other hand vanraj start feeling uncomfortable he tells Kavya that something is going to happen.

Paritosh comes there and informed that Kinjal has failed down they also get ready to leave the house and go and see what happened.

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Vanraj enters Kapadia house and blames Barkha for all this Ankush asks him to behave himself. Anuj and Anupama brings Kinjal home.

Everyone gets shocked to see them Kinjal starts crying scene Paritosh and all of them over there. Anupama starts crying.

Vanraj asks Anupama that what has the doctor told and why she crying. Anupama does not say anything and she keeps on crying.