Kundali Bhagya S01 Episode 21st june 2022

Kundali Bhagya

Pandit Vashisht come to the house and Rakhi introduces everyone. She tells that she has keep the pooja for Sameer and Srishti.

She says that both of them always argue with each other that’s why she has kept the Puja. The Pandit asks where is Rishabh.

Rakhi says that he will not be able to come there because he has gone for an important meeting. He says that he needs some personal staff of him.

Preeta gets have to take the personal stuff the Pandit scolds her and asks her to sit he says that she can’t leave the puja.

On the other hand the doctor tries to cure Arjun the doctor says that he is in a very critical condition and anything can happen to him.

Kavya comes there and tells that she will be bringing this stuff because he knows everything were Rishab keeps his things.

Kavya up brings that thing and gives it to the Pandit. The Pandit starts with the Puja and he completes the Puja successfully.

Suddenly storm comes and everything starts falling down the Pandit says that this is not an on Storm. He finds that there is a garland on the photo of Karan.

He goes and tears the garland. Rishabh catches it and asks what is he doing he asks how can he behave like this.

The Pandit says that they must know that when a person passed away the garland is put on their photo and not on the photo who is our life.

Rishab tells that they have lost Karan in an accident. The Pandit says that it is not right because the person is alive and he is in this world only.

Preeta starts crying and goes upstairs the Pandit tells her that she must listen to her Instinct and she will get to know where is Karan.

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