Star Plus Anupama 11th-18th June 2022 weekly update


A lot of tourist has taken place in the story of Anupama. In the recent episodes It is seen that Anupama and Anuj enter a new house.

The Shah family also comes for the Griha Pravesh. Barkha insults them in front of everyone and their field humiliated.

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Vanraj gets angry on Barkha for her behaviour. One of the guests insults Hasmukh in the party and vanraj gets angry on the woman.

Anupama come is there and ask the woman to Apologise to Hasmukh for her behaviour. Barkha gets shocked seeing this.

Anuj tell that anupama is telling absolutely right she should not insult someone in the party that to someone who is elder than her.

Ankush tells sorry on behalf of her. Anupama tells that he will not tell sorry because he is not responsible for all this.

At last the lady tells sorry to Anupama and Hasmukh for her behaviour. The Shah family does not eat the lunch and goes from there

Anupama feels very bad because of this. On the other hand vanraj feels bad because of the behaviour of the Kapadiya’s.

Kavya ask him whether he is said she makes him understand that Anupama and Anuj both are happy and that should be the main thing for them.

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Anupama gets to know how to operate the automatic kitchen and she gets excited. Barkha gets shocked when she finds that Anupama has brought the utensils in the new kitchen.

Anuj alerts burkha and tells her that she should not hurt Anupama because if she gets hurt then he also feels the hurt.

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