Anupama future story :Vanraj disagree to send the children to Anupama’s house


Anupamaa is the most loved show on television right now, with TRPs of nothing less than 3.0 on a weekly basis.

The viewers of the show are so interested that they does not miss a single episode of the show.

Barkha gets to know that Anupama is also a working woman and she get shocked. Anupama tells that she runs a Dance Academy.

Adhik asks whether she works in the Academy or she is the owner of the Academy Anupama tells that she is the owner of the Academy.

She says that the name of the dance academy is after her name it is named Anupama Dance Academy she feels proud telling this.

Barkha says that then she would be very busy with her daily work. She says that she is also working with Anuj on a restaurant project.

In the upcoming episode, Sara visits the shah house and tells that the last they were very busy and it could not chill.

She invites everyone to their house and asks everyone to come their so that they can spend time together.

Hasmukh says that if the children wants to go then they can go and spend time together with each other.

But vanraj disagrees with him and tells that the children won’t go to that house. Hearing this Anupama gets shocked .

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