MX Player Aashram 3: Pammi tries to bring out the truth of Baba Nirala

aashram 3

MX Player is coming up with new and interesting web series. And one of the most successful and most viewed web series is aashram.

After the success of the first season of aashram the makers have came up with the second season and now. The makers have launched the third season of this franchise.

The third season of ashram is being loved by the audience. The social media is overloaded with the discussion of the third series.

Well the makers have never failed to entertain the audience. This time the makers have came up with a new twist in this series.

In this article, we will be discussing the new tools that is seen in episode 9 of the series. Actress Esha Gupta has been introduced in the series and she is playing the role of Sonia.

Pammi decides to tell the truth to the people that baba Nirala is a fraud and he tries to destroy the lives of girls.

Akki gets an idea to present the truth in front of the audience. He takes the help of his friend who was in a news channel.

Akki hacks into a popular TV channel and Pammi’s video goes viral. Baba Nirala gets tensed. Sonia tell that you will be handling everything and she handles everything with the help of the media.

Later on the opposition party, Sunderlal seizes the opportunity and declares his support for Pammi. But Baba Nirala tells Sunderlal that he wants his support and he will be doing whatever he wants.

Sunderlal says that during the elections he had to undergo loss because Baba Nirala said that he will be supporting him but he supported Hukum Singh. Baba Nirala agrees to pay back whatever he has lost in the elections.

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