Meet Ep 276-16th June 2022: Meet decides to deliver her child in New York

Meet 16th June 2022

Zee TV meet is one of the most loved TV serials. Anu comes to the ahlawat house and tells Babita that she wants to take her daughter and keep her at her place for some days.

Babita says that she is not telling that she won’t allow her but it is more important for meet to be comfortable at the situation when she is pregnant.

She says that there are many things at their place but in Shahbad many things are not there. Masoom tells that the hospital that Babita has decided for the delivery of the child is quite expensive.

She says that and anu will not be able to handle that expenses. Babita apologize to Anu for the behaviour of Masoom.

Anu makes an excuse and leaves from there. Meet asks what is going on and why she leaving from there.

She gives an excuse to her she explains to her that how she should take care of herself because she is pregnant.

Meet understands that she was willing to take her but she could not take her and she sad. Masoom sees the gifts that meet has gone during the baby shower ceremony.

Meet comes there and tells that she has nothing to do with this gifts and gives the things to the servants. Masoom goes and informs Babita.

Babita denied to believe her and says that actually meet is very kind in nature and that’s why she has done all this.

Later on meet ahlawat tell that he has decided that they should do the delivery of their baby in New York Hospital.

Meet agrees to him. Masoom tells that after the baby shower ceremony meet has become demanding.

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