Meet 17th June 2022: Upcoming Twist! Meet becomes demanding

Meet 17th June 2022

Zee Tv popular show Meet is keeping the audience well entertained with its interesting twists and turns.

In the upcoming episode meet starts demanding that she will deliver her child in New York Hospital. Masoom tells that she has become very demanding after the baby shower ceremony.

She also tells that it will be very expensive over there.Meet ahlawat tell that it is not about the money .

Babita asks her that why should behaving like that. She questions her whether she does not want the family to stay with her during her delivery.

She tells that City Hospital is the best hospital over there, and it can serve everything. Meat says that it is a good hospital but it is not the world’s best hospital.

Meet ahlawat tries to make her understand but she was Adamant with her decision. Babita tells that she has made up her mind.

She thinks that how can she changed so much within a short period of time because she used to work for her family to earn money.

Meet says that now she is part of that family, and she need not to worry about all this. But that tells that a person should never forget her for his roots.

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