Bhagya Lakshmi episode 8 June 2022 spoiler alert

Bhagya Lakshmi episode 8 June 2022

Zee TV daily Bhagyalakshmi is coming up with a new and interesting twist in each and every episode. The makers of the show are coming up with a new story in the upcoming episodes.

Bhagya Lakshmi episode 8 June 2022 spoiler alert:

Aayush and Ahana come to the kitchen and finds that there is nothing prepared. Aayush shouts at Lakshmi and tells that she was given the responsibility to make the food.

Malishka tells them that this is not very because she has already called at her home and told to prepare the food.

Lakshmi brings some Indian food in front of the guests Sudha says that she has told earlier that the guests does not eat this type of food.

Later on It is seen that Lakshmi is tells Malishka that throwing food is not good. And she picks up the food from the sink.

Virendra tells Lakshmi that she has done this intentionally to bring all all of them down in front of the guests.

Lakshmi asks rishi that when he had decided to marry Malishka then why did he show her so many dreams

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