Anupama upcoming episode 9th June 2022 spoiler alert

Star Plus daily soap Anupama is one of the most loved TV serials. The audience of the show has given lots of love to the show from the first day.

The makers of the show has always came up with some new and interesting to keep the audience tune to the show.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that pakhi, Paritosh and Samar come to meet Anupam and Anuj at their house.

But her get surprised to see all of them over there. Ankush asks Barkha weather their Anupama’s children. Barkha tells that Anuj thinks that Anupama’s children it’s almost like his own children.

Barkha says that she can’t understand how can Anuj do like this. Everyone celebrates the pagphera ritual.

Later on Barkha tells Anuj that he has given everything to Anupama he has also given the signing authority of the business to Anupama.

She asked whether he does not think that we must keep someone also for all these. Anuj gets shocked hearing all these.

In the latest episode It is seen that Barkha tells everyone that she have planned a party at a hotel and there they will announce that Anuj Kapadia is back.

But Anuj tells that they can’t attend the party and do the party because they have to first complete the marriage ritual. He also tells everyone that he is no more the owner of the company.

He tells everyone that the owner of the company is Anupama. Barkha gets shocked. Later on she thinks that her husband can’t run a business.

On the other hand Anupama will not be able to manage all these thinks in the business. She decides to involve her son Adhik in the business matters.

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