Zee TV meet episode 27 may 2022 spoiler alert


Meet tries to make her husband understand that he still loves her. Rajvardhan comes and gives the photo of the boy to meet.

He tells that she can reject the boy if he does not like him.Meet ahlawat also tells that yes if she does not like him then she can reject by then the boy will not come in the house.

On the other hand Tej goes and keep some flowers to Sunaina. Tej tells that she is a wonderful cook. She asked what does he want to eat and she will make that.

He tells that actually he wants help and he wants her to help Ram and Lakhan for their cooking competition. Sunaina gets angry and she throws two flowers on the floor.

She tells that she thought that he is speaking to her politely and so lovingly to make her feel good. Tej tells that she will be helping the kids.

Meet goes to meet Isha she tell her that there are more rooms in they are house she tries to help her to forget her past.

Meet ahlawat decides to make her sister happy he tells meet that they should do something so that Deep and Isha can meet each other so that Isha gets happy.

Meet tells them that they will help them to meet at the Panipuri shop.Meet ahlawat also decides that he will not let her wife meet any other boy for marriage.

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