Anupama Written Update Today 28th May 2022

Anupama Written Update Today 28th May 2022

Anupama Written Update Today 28th May 2022:Kinjal finds that leela is sad.She goes and shows her a easy way to seperate the coriander.

She tells leela to put her hand on her stomach and leela feels that the baby is kicking and she feel good.She tells that once anupama returns they will celebrate the baby shower ceremony.

Kinjal and leela both miss anupama.On ther hand anuj decorates the bed .Anupama sees the decorated room. Anuj asks Anupama to stop blushing.

Anupama tells anuj to shoe her some dance. She asks Anuj to entertain her.Anuj asks Anupama not to spoil honeymoon mood.

Leela asks samar that who will cook the food beacuse 4 of them are ill.She tells that Kavya is not available and Kinjal is not well.

Samar tells thathe has ordered food from Banni Chow Home Delivery.Samar tells that they were missing anupama that’s why he booked the food .

Hasmuk, Kinjal, Samar and Samar like the food. Banni asks Samar to send the picture to Anupama.later on baani leaves from there.

Anuj and anupama both dance together.Later both of them laughs.Anuj gift night dress to Anupama and asks her to wear. Anupama gets shocked.

He tells anupama to get ready .Anu calls devika and tells about the dress where she gets to know that she has only chosen the dress for her.

 Devika asks Anupama to wear it for Anuj’s sake. Anupama feels awkward. Later Anuj gets smitten seeing Anupama in nightdress.Both of them romance.

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