Anupama Latest Gossip: Anuj surprises Anupama with a beautiful dress

Anupama Latest Gossip

Anupama Latest Gossip 28 May 2022:Kinjal helps Leela, both of them remember Anupama and how she used to take care of her.

Leela tells her that once Anupama will return they will have the baby shower ceremony. Anupama finds that Anuj has decorated the bed.

She feels shy. Anuj tells her not to feel shy. Anupama starts eating chips. Then she tells him to dance to her and entertain her. Anuj asks her not to spoil her mood.

Leela asks Samar who will make the food for them as they are not well. He tells that he has ordered food from baani.

Every eats the food and tells that it is awesome.Anuj and Anupama dance together.Then they start laughing. Anuj gives a gift to anupama.

Anupama gets surprised to see the dress. Anuj tells Anupama to get ready . Anu calls Devika and tells her about the dress.

Devika says that she knows because she has only chosen the dress for her. Anu says that she has never worn a dress like this.

Devika tells her to wear it for Anuj. Anupama gets ready to wear it . Anuj gets smitten seeing Anupama in the beautiful dress. Both of them spend time together.

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