Anupama S01 14th May 2022 Episode Sneak Peek

anupama 14th may 2022

Anupama 14th may 2022:The haldi ceremony starts .Anupama feels happy because the dream of her is coming true at last and she is getting married to anuj.

Anuj says to Anupama that she has a right and she should show it.Anupama prays to God and stands up to apply haldi to Anuj.But samar stops anupama.

anupama 14th may 2022

He tells that the haldi ceremony is incomplete without the music. Anupama and anuj dance to the music.Anuj bows down on knees and Anupama applies haldi to him. Leela and Vanraj gets angry.

Later anuj asks husmukh and GK to apply haldi on him.Anuj says to now it is Anupama’s turn. Malvika says Anuj needs an excuse to go closer to Anupama.

Malvika tells that anuj always finds a way to get close to anu.Leela tells her to thinks before speaking because elder members of the family are sitting there.Mavlika calls Leela young. Leela gets happy.

Anuj calls Anupama ‘Annapurna’ then he signals Pakhi and Samar.Later Anuj unveils a plate full of spices. Anupama recalls her past when Vanraj.

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Then anuj apply haldi to anupama.Everyone feels good.When Leela taunts Anupama.Anuj asks Anupama to move on leaving behind her past with new memories. Anupama gaze at Leela and Vanraj.

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