Anupama Episode 577 Latest Update : Anuj address anupama as “Annapurna”


Anupama Episode 577: Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with new and interesting story in each and every episode. The audience is quite excited because the wedding of Anupama and Anuj is going on in the show.

A lot of twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus serial Anupama. The fans of the show are very excited to know that what will be happen in the upcoming episodes.

In the recent episodes, Anupama and Anuj celebrate the haldi ceremony. Anupama goes to apply haldi on Anuj but samar stops her. He says that something is missing.

Anupama asks him that why did he stop her from applying the haldi on Anuj. He says that the music is missing which is the most important thing in the ceremony.

After that Anuj Anupama dance to the music and everyone enjoys it. GK and Hasmukh both apply haldi on Anuj. Anuj and Anupama gets happy seeing this.

After a while Anuj tells that it is now Anupama’s turn and now we will apply haldi on her. Malvika tells that Anuj only things of the opportunity when he can get close to Anupama.

Leela asks Malvika to think before she is telling something because the elders of the family are sitting over there. Malvika says that she can’t even think sometimes because Leela herself is so young.

After hearing this Leela feels happy and she says that sometimes she speaks the right thing. Anuj ask the children to bring something special for Anupama.

Anupama finds that it is a plate. Anuj opens the plate anupama sees there is all the things that are used for cooking in the kitchen.

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Anupama remembers how vanraj insulted her in the past. Anuj addresses Anupama as Annapurna.Vanraj keeps on feeling jealous seeing all this.

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