Anupama S01 Episode May 6th,2022 : Anupama And Anuj Romance

Anupama 6 may 2022

Anupama 6th may 2022: Toshu, Kinjal, Pakhi ,Samar all of them seeds together and starts speaking about Anuj.Vanraj overhears their conversation and feels bad.

Kinjal, Pakhi discuss what should they call Anuj after he gets married to Anupama.Samar tells that it is you to Anuj that today he is alive.

Paritosh says that she has misbehaved with Anuj so many times but still he has not told him anything. Hearing all these conversations vanraj starts feeling jealous.

He starts thinking that his children are going away from him because of Anuj. Deevika says that she will go and just give the medicines to Hasmukh.

Devika finds vanraj thinking about something she tells him that she does not have children but she can understand what he is feeling.

She tells that he should not feel jealous of Anuj what he should learn from Anuj that how should he maintain the relationship.

On the other hand Anuj and Anupama spend time with each other and speak to each other. Anuj says to Anupama that he knows that she has faced many problems in past relationships.

He asks Anupama to tell him what he can do for her. He says her to tell him what he should not do after the marriage so that she always stays happy.

Anupama also asks Anuj to tell them what he wants from her after the marriage. Both of them start speaking about themselves and looks at each other.

On the other hand vanraj walks on the road angrily.Anuj says to Anupama that she can share what she expects from her husband to be.

 Anuj promise to Anupama that before becoming her husband, he will always be her friend. Anupama assures Anuj too. Anupama says to Anuj that ever she do a mistake, he will come and confront to avoid any misunderstanding.

Vanraj start feeling anxious, he thinks that after Anuj has came to his life everything is changed and now everyone likes Anuj. He decides that he can’t let this happen and he has to stop all this.

Later Anuj and Anupama return home, Anupama ask him that why did he stop his bike over there. He tells that he does not want to ruin the day and he wants to end the day by seeing her face.

Anupama feels shy and goes from there.Vanraj stands at the corridor and watches Anupama Anupama does not pay any attention and goes inside the house.

Leela tells Anupama that Hasmukh has gone to sleep. That how can we go because it does not sleep before 11 o’clock. Leela ask her not to disturb him.

Later Hasmukh asks Leela about Anupama she says that Anupama has Still not returned home.Next day  Anupama gets overwhelmed when milk vendor, hawker and vegetable seller congratulate her for her wedding.

Hasmukh shows the Mehendi design he has selected for Anupama he prays to God so that no one gets to know about his illness.Hasmuk asks Anupama if she is happy. Anupama tells to Hasmuk that she is excited for her mehendi.

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