Anupama 6th April 2022: Anupama stands against shah’s and decides to marry Anuj

Anupamaa update

Anupama 6th April 2022:A lot of twists will be seen in the upcoming episode of the serial Anupama. Anupama decides to stand against all the odds and marry her love Anuj.

After knowing that Anupama will be marrying anuj the shahs get angry and they stand against Anupama. But Anupama stands against them.

On the other hand, toshu gets angry with his friends when one of his friends makes fun of Anupama and her relationship with Anuj.

He beats his friends and he misses one of the business opportunities as one of his friends was going to give him a huge business opportunity.

After toshu calms down he thinks he remembers that he has missed a business opportunity and he gets angry with Anupama for all the problems.

He holds Anupama responsible for his failure as due to her he lost his cool and fought with his friend.

Baa and vanraj also gets angry on Anupama.In the latest episode, Anupama and Anuj discuss their wedding plans with the family.

Malvika tells she will arrange the entire wedding as very few fortunate ones only get to organize their brother’s wedding.

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