Udaariyaan’s upcoming episode promo: Tejo gets surprised to see something, What is it ?


Udaariyaan upcoming episode promo: In the Upcoming episode, it will be seen that Jasmine starts the wedding along with the family. She gets very excited.

On the other hand Tejo gets surprised to see something. Jasmine says that she has not seen her husband from a long time and she tries to see his face and everyone gets shocked.

What is that which tejo has seen and she has got surprised?

Keep on watching the episodes to get to know what has happened. And stay tuned with us for the latest news and updates of the show.

In the latest track is saying that Jasmine asks everyone where is her sister tejo. She says that she must come to the wedding.

She tells everyone that if your sister does not come to be waiting on time then she will be unhappy and when she will be unhappy then she will create a mess over there .

She immediately calls Amrik and asks him to go and pick up tejo from house. Tejo comes there and says there is no need for anyone to go to bring her.

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