Anupama S01 5th February 2022: Anupama decides to leave the house, Anuj is surprised

The episode starts with Anupama leaving the house. She tells Anuj that she is leaving the house because she does not want to come between brother and sister.

Anupama 5th February 2022

She tells him to take care of his sister Malvika she also says that he should not only focus on his sister and one.

Anuj gets upset after hearing this but before Anupama could leave the house he calls are from behind. He asks her to stay.

He says that he can’t afford to lose anyone now. He says that he has already lost his sister Malvika and he does not want to lose her.

Anuj says that he can’t wait for anyone neither Malvika nor Anupama anymore. He says that she should not go away from him leaving him alone.

Anuj says that Malvika has already left him and now she should not have left him. He says that he has made a decision.

He asks Anupama to support her in to support his decision and stand beside him. And says that she will be always supporting him and she is always with him.

Anupama, Anuj and Malvika waits for the next morning.Vanraj gets ready and goes to leave for office. Hasmukh stops him and ask him not to go anywhere.

Vanraj tells that it is impossible because she should be present because it is an important decision which will be taken.

Hasmukh asks Paritosh to accompany him to the office so that everything stays ok.Vanraj reaches the office and asks Malvika whether she has spoken to her brother.

She asks are that what is that decision taken by Anuj. Malvika says that on which has taken the decision which was not supposed to be taken.

On the other hand Anupama also gets to know about the decision that Anuj has taken. Anupam asks Anuj asks why did he keep all the things to Malvika.

Malvika tells vanraj that know has given only business to her.Vanraj gets happy after knowing this and he dreams of becoming the owner of the company very soon.

Anupama says that he has done a mistake because vanraj can try to take everything from Malvika.Malvika refuse to take Anuj’s share.

Vanraj manipulates Malvika yet again. Anuj refuse to handle the business anymore. Anuj discuss with Anupama he says that he no longer wants to run the business.[Episode Ends]

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