Udaariyaan Promo :Tejo Ko Aane Se Gharwalon Ko Hui Khushi

Udaariyaan Promo

Jasmine falls down and everyone starts laughing. Tejo asks for at least she must have the grip to stand on her own place.

Tejo goes on the other side of the house.Rupy apologize to everyone and says that he had to do all these and he gets emotional.

He says that he gave the property to Angad.Fateh tells that he does not need any explanation and neither the family needs any explanation.

He says that whatever he has done has done for the good of the family and they all know that. Gurpreet says that whatever has happened is good.

She says that if he wouldn’t have kept the property then how would tejo come to that house and everyone feels good.

On the other hand Jasmine asks her mother-in-law to make some tea for her she says that she does not like anything late.

Gurpreet starts making tea for adjustment when the tea falls on her hands.Tejo hears this sound and She Goes On the other side of the house to save her.

She finds that Gurpreet has burnt her hand. She asks he to bring some ointment. Everyone comes there to see that what happened.

Fateh asks that what happened Gurpreet says that nothing happened because tejo has came at the right time and she has given the medicine.

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