Udaariyaan Big Update: Fateh breaks his silence, Jasmine gets shocked

Udaariyaan big update

Jasmine gets excited to see her husband and she asks to show the face. And she finds that it is not fateh it is Amrik standing over there.

The whole family gets surprised to see that Amrik is getting married to her and that is not fateh . Everyone gets surprised to see that Amrik is getting married.

Jasmine asks where is fateh.Amrik is says that he does not want to involve fateh in the problems because he is responsible for all the problems.

On the other hand Tejo find that fateh is lying on the ground unconscious. She tries to make him get back his senses.

Fateh get surprised to see himself in that condition. Jasmine gets angry on Amrik and goes to slap him when fateh come stay and stops her.

Jasmine and blames him for all this she says that she knows very well that he is the one who has planned all these so that he does not marry her.

She says that once again he has betrayed her. She gets angry at Amrik and goes to slap him. Tejo gets angry at her and she goes and slap her.[Read More | Udaariyaan’s upcoming episode promo: Tejo gets surprised to see something, What is it ? 👉]

Just been says that if they are thinking that they are winning the game then it is not like that because she will never late fateh and tejo live their life happily together and she will do something to destroy everything.

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