Starplus Anupama 21st February 2022 Latest Update


Anupama 21st February 2022:Leela tells Anupama to get married to Anuj.She says that the society will raise questions on her.

Vanraj tells that anupama will not marry anuj anymore because when she fell in love with him at that time he was rich.

He tells that anuj is no more rich and he is on the road now.Anupama tells that anuj has given her many thing.

She tells that he has given him love and respect.Anupama asks kavya whether vanraj has given all this to her or not.

Vanraj insults but anupama gives reply to him.Samar takes anupama to the room and tells her about the break up.

Anupama gets surprised and asks whether he has told her to stop.He tells that he told her but she did not stop.

Later anuj meet anupama anuj tells that he will work with her untill he gets a job.Samar explains how will the promo of the dance video.

Pakhi speaks to some one on the call leela tries to find out what is she doing.Later she tells vanraj about pakhi about her behaviour.

Leela tells that pakhi is behaving weird since few days and she is returning late from school.Vanraj then scolds her for her behaviour.

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