Anupama Ep 506,21st February 2022 Upcoming story


Vanraj tells Anupama that she loved a man who was a rich man. He tells that Anuj is no more a rich man so she will not marry him.

She asks him when they got married was he was rich or not. Leela tells that whatever she tells but society will raise questions on her.

Anupama tells them that she will marry anuj or not that depends on her and she won’t hear from anyone. Everyone gets surprised.

Anupama 19th Feb 2022:Anupama and anuj gets happy.Anuj asks Anupama whether the things that happened last night were real or not.

Anupama makes him realize that whatever happened was real. Anuj gets happy. Anuj reminds she has a promotional dance shoot with Samar.

She asks Anuj about his job. He tells that he will find a job for him. Anupama tells that he is helping him so she should also help him.

Baa asks vanraj whether she will be working with kavya.Vanraj says work pressure has increased and Kavya will help him.Husmukh gets shocked.

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