Meet spoiler alert: Meet catches Manushi cheating in the challenge

Babita asks to meet that’s why she has not brought kheer. She says that she failed to make it. Babita says that she will not listen to anything because he has already told her to bring from outside if she can’t make it.


Manashi gives the kheer to meet ahlawat and he says that it feels like it is very tasty. He goes to taste it when meet come stay and ask him to stop she gives a cup of tea to him. Manushi says that everyone can make tea.

But meet pics of the cup of tea and drinks it. He says that it is amazing he remembers about the same tea that once he and his wife has drunk on a roadside stall.Meet remembers her how she has practiced to make a cup of tea all night.

She remembers that how Rajvardhan helped her to judge that which one is the best tea. She feels very happy after seeing this. Babita goes from there.Meet tells Manushi that she wants to taste the kheer Babita overhear their conversation.

Meet eats the kheer and says that she should go to their grandmother and tell that she has done a very good job. She says that she knows very well that it is not made by her it is made by her grandmother. She says that she is cheating in the challenge.

Manushi tells that it does not matter the only thing that matters is who will be winning the challenge. On the other hand Masoom asks Tej to get out of his room. Rajasthan come and ask that what is going on. Masoom says that she wants to exchange the room.

Rajyavardhan says that if he needs a room and feels like her room is very small then she can ship to the other property that they have. Babita tells Manushi that she was very well that her son wants her in his life and that’s why she wants her to win the challenge.

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