Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein latest update: Sad News !Sai gets ready to give divorce to Virat

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

In the latest track it is seen that sai informs Virat and ask him to come to the house so that she can speak to him on an important matter.

She asks that how is Shruti and her baby Virat ask her that why she showing so much concern about them. He thinks that she must have read the news.

Ninad gets to know the news and gets angry on Virat. Bhawani says that will not let him enter the house. She starts insulting Virat.

Bhawani says that used to think that Virat is absolutely like his grandfather but now she is feeling that she is not like him.

Sai enters the house everyone gets shocked to see her over there Pakhi starts taunting her. Bhawani asks her why she was not there when they were losing their self respect.

Ashwini comes there and finds that her daughter-in-law is in the house and she gets emotional she goes to her and hugs her.

Upcoming episode it will be seen that sai tells Virat that they should sign the divorce papers. Virat ask that why should we want this.

She says that she broke the relationship between both of them that day she got to know that Virat has married Shruti and has a child.

She says the she has already broken the relationship but by signing the divorce papers they will be Breaking the relationship forever.

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