Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 21st February 2022 Spoiler Alert

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming 21st February 2022: Preeta eats the food after this she feels uncomfortable. She tells that she is not feeling well.

She gets up from the table and she falls down. Karan goes to see what happened to her. Everyone gets shocked.

In the latest track Karan goes to meet preeta. He tells that he is very angry with her. He asks how she does all this.

Preeta says that she sometimes behaves nicely with them that does not mean that she is falling for them. Karan tells that she has changed.

Kritika requests Karan to come as rakhi might be fainting.Preeta goes and finds that rakhi is not felling good.

She tells to bring salt water but natasha asks her not to act as if she cares about them. Natasha and preeta starts arguing.

Karan stops her informing them that both are arguing while his mother is ill. Prithvi tells that he never goes with karan.

He tells that this time he is agreeing to karan. Sherlyn says that the lutra family thinks karan is right.

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