Anupama S01 19th February 2022 Episode Update


Anupama 19th February 2022:Anupama tells anuj that they must take rest. Anuj tells that they should spend time together at the terrace.

Anupama tells that it is cold over there. Anuj says that they would have made a bonfire. She tells that other people would have known that they are celebrating valentine’s day.

Anu tells him to go to his room and sleep.Anupama goes to leave but Anuj stops her and says that she should stay there.

He tells that he has waited for her for 26 years and now she should stay with her for 26 years. Both of them go to their room.

On the other hand,kinjal and paritosh agure.She tells him that he doesn’t take care of her.She gets emotional and complaints to Paritosh for being alone in her life.

Paritosh tells sorry to her.she tells that he is becoming like his father.He gets angry and tells her to stop saying bad things about his father.

She cries thinking she failed to share an important talk with him.Next day anuj goes and asks anupama that the things that happened the last day was true or not.

Anupama tells that it was true.Kavaya tells vanraj that they should work together and should get the kapadia empire.

Samar recalls Nandini’s word.Later on Samar and Kinjal miss Anupama.Anupama and anuj decides to start with their work.

Leela asks kavya whether she will be working with vanraj. She tells that they are a team now.Hasmuk gets offended with Kavya Vanraj working together.

Anupama comes and gives sweets to all of them.Vanraj accuses Anupama for not having shame for sharing room with Anuj.Anu gives a good reply to him. She tells that Anuj is only her neighbor.Leela supports vanraj.

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