Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein spoiler alert: Virat gets angry on Shruti

ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein

Virat asks Sai why she trying to give him a divorce. She does not say anything and tells that there is no need to try to patch up once again.

She says that there is nothing left between them now and they should get the force so that he gets independent. Both of them sign the divorce paper.

Sai things that after sometime Virat will get to know that she has done all these only to save his job. Virat gets emotional and goes away from there.

Mohit says that the family has not broken relation with her and she will be able to come to that house whenever she wants.

Ninad also tell her to stay over there. She says that there is no point of staying over there because you did not give the child to the family.

She tells that Shruti has given the child to the family and they should welcome her. Bhawani gets angry and says that she will never accept the child of Shruti and Virat.

Shruti asks Virat then why did he go to the house he says that he has been divorced. She blames herself for all these problems.

On the other hand Sai also starts crying. Shruti asks Virat to eat something she cooks food for him. She tries to make Virat eat something but he gets angry at her.

He tells her that she should not cook food or take care of him. On the other hand sai says that she had to get Ok bye tomorrow because she needs to go to the office to meet the DIG and show the divorce papers to lift allegations from Virat.

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