Anupama Ep493 5th February 2022 spoiler alert: What is Anuj going to do?

Anupama 5th February 2022 spoiler alert

Anuj says that he has made a major decision and he wants Anupama to support the decision. Anupama starts crying after this.

She says that she has always supported him and will always support him in each and every decision he takes in life.

Anupama asks what is the reason and what is he going to do he says that you want to reveal it to her now. But you will say that the next day.

On the other hand vanraj gets ready to leave for the office. Hasmukh asks him that where is he going, he says that he is going to the office.

He says that he should not go to the office today.Vanraj tells that he is very sorry but he has to go to the office because it is the day of the decision.

He enters the office and asks Malvika that what is tradition and her had she spoke to Anuj. He asks what happened. Malvika says that the same thing has happened which should not happen.

In the upcoming episode, it will be very interesting to know what is the decision that Anuj has taken which will be surprising everyone.

In the latest episode it is seen that vanraj tries his best to manipulate Malvika against Anuj. He tells that Malvika always loves her brother.

She also reminds her that she has listened to each and every decision that Anuj has taken. He says that but she should also ask her brother what can he do for her.

He says that her brother told her to bring the partnership with him and she is ready to do that.Vanraj ask her to tell her brother to break the relationship with Anupama.

Later Malvika tells Anuj that it is right that she has always listen to him and his decisions. She asks him to separate from Anupama.

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