Meet 18th January 2022:Meet Ahlawat fears of getting closer to manushi


Meet episode 18 January 2022: the episode starts with meet thinking what her mother told her sometime back she feels bad she thinks that why is her mother behaving like this.

on the other hand meet Ahlawat remember what happened in the kitchen with Manushi and he thinks that why is it again thinking about Manushi.

He starts feeling nervous he starts writing on the mirror the same way meet has told him it decides to call meet and ask had to return home fast.

He call Meet and ask her to return home he says that he knows that she is busy in her but he wants her to be with him. She says that she is not working and she is free.

He understands that something is wrong he asks whether something is wrong with her she says that everything is ok and she is coming home.

She walks on the road and bike comes from behind and strikes her she falls down and the people comes there to help her.

She leaves from there on the other hand but the speaks on her phone. Sunaina comes and asks about Tej. Babita says that she has sent him away from the house.

Sunaina asks that why is she is saying all this, she says that she has made no relationship with Ravi and she is also filed a divorce against him.

Babita asks that who will believe her words and asks her to leave. On the other hand Meet ahlawat waits for meet.She returns home and asks what he had to say to her.

He touches her hand and she feels pain he finds that she has got hurt and then he takes care of her. Ragini bring tej and says that she does not like doing always with Sunaina.

Meet asks what he wanted to talk with her. Meet Ahlawat says nothing is important than you so take a rest and he makes her have water.

Next day everyone starts decorating the house.Hoshiyar asks Raj which precious gift he got on Lohri. Raj says Babita’s love confession.

Meet and her husband comes downstairs and takes blessing everyone. Later on anubha comes and Anubha hugs Meet and asks if she didn’t inform her in-laws that she doesn’t need to work

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