Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Jasmine informs Angad about their mission

A lot drama is happening in the recent episodes of udaariyan. Fateh and jasmine goes to the picnic and both spent some time with each other.

The bus gets punctured,and it starts raining. They get down from the bus and then fateh tells that they have to stay there as there is no other way out from there.

Fateh says that he will go and find some things for then to eat because there is nothing there to eat.On the other way jashmine drives the car .

In the latest episode, jasmine calls angad and tells that she have done and the mission has been completed and now she has to call the cops to get the guy arrested.

Fateh finds tejo and hugs her ,he gets emotional Fateh says that he cannot live without her and inquires as to where she has gone. 

Later on, jasmine calls the police station to report that an accident took place and that the victim was taken to the hospital. 

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