Udaariyaan New Update:WHAT! Tejo finds Amrik in the bathtub

Udaariyaan New Update

Udaariyaan New Update:A lot of drama is happening in the recent track of colors tv serial Udaariyaan .Tejo goes to the washroom and finds amrik .

She finds that he is lying in the bathtub and he is bleeding. Tejo calls Fateh and the family to save him. Fateh comes there and then takes him to the hospital.

Tejo tells the doctor to begin with the treatment.the doctor tells that amrik’s condition is stable.Tejo informs Gurpreet about Amrik’s condition.

Gurpreet asks amrik why did he try to attain suicide.He says that he was nervous thats why he did that.Gurpreet blames Khushbeer for everything.

He tells Khushbeer that he should not take it seriously what gurpreet has told him.Tejo informs Khushbeer that Amrik wants to speak to him. 

Fateh and tejo return home and while going fateh stops the car and starts crying. He recalls early memories of Amrik. Tejo pacifies and motivates Fateh.

Jasmine goes to the hospital enters the room and meets amrik. She tells that because of him her plan has been ruined.

Jasmine tells that he should not blame her for his suicide attempt she threatens that she will destroy and harm the family.

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