Kumkum Bhagya Major Twist: Ranbir still loves Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi tells rhea that she should not have called the police. Rhea says that she wanted to punish her for the robbery thats why she has done it.

Prachi tells that she knew very well that she was only about to take the papers and nothing.but she blamed her for taking the jewelry.

She tells rhea that she is jealous of her because rabir took out time from the meeting and came there to her and that means he still loves her.

Rhea tells that there is nothing like that she says that he only came there as he was worried about the reputation of the family.

Prachi calms down herself for the sake of the bay.She tells that ranbir loves kids that why when he heard that Sahana is expecting a baby he was happy and overjoyed.

After this she also says that she could not tell him that she is also pregnant and if Ranbir got to know that she is also expecting a baby then he would have been so happy.

Ranbir walks down the road and he meets a man.The man tells that he had a big house but his wife kicked him out.

Later on prachi thniks that why is she felling bad when she wanted the same thing to happen.Ranbr finds sahana and he invites her for a casual talk.

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