Udaariyaan Episode 273: Tejo & Fateh tries to Help Buzo


Udaariyaan:Get ready for the upcoming drama of which will be happening in the Colours TV daily soap Udaariyaan. The program has been released on YouTube and and the fans are going crazy.

In the promo it is been said that fateh things whether Tejo will ever forgive him for what he has done to her. On the other hand Angad meets Tejo.

He asks her what is she doing over in the middle of the road Tejo says that she was only on the road on her way. Ankit asks what is she hiding from him.

Tejo tell there is nothing important like that angad tell that they have this much relationship left that they can share with each other about what is happening in their life.

At that moment a tejo receives a call and she tells that she will be coming as soon as possible and she leaves from there.

Later on buzo tells fateh and Tejo that the relationship between him and Simran is not working out he says that Simran is not even picking up his call.

He says that like their relation won’t be successful and he leaves from there. Tejo tells Fateh to speak to bozu’s father and she will be speaking to Simran’s father.

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