Meet 17th January 2022:Anubha throws Out Meet from the house

Meet 17th January 2022

Meet 17th January 2022: Meet tells her mother that when her father was alive he told her to take care of the family when he will be not there in the world. Meet says that her father is dead now and she must take care of the family.

Anubha says that there is no need of taking care of the family because she can take care of the Family on her own. Meet asks that then what will happen to her promise that she made to her father.

Her mother says that her father is dead and the promise is also dealt with her father so there is no need for her to take care of them anymore and she should take care of herself.

Anubha Refuses to take the money she throws out meet from the house. Meet and anubha both of them starts crying.

On the other hand meet gets to know that there is up paper in his pocket he asks the servant to keep it on the table. Manushi comes and asks him that why is not reading the paper.

Meet gets angry on her and throws the glass suddenly meet Ahlawat wakes up and finds that it is actually a dream he thinks that he must see that what is written in the paper that is given by Manushi.

He finds that it is written in the paper that he should gift his wife something on lohr to make her happy. Manushya asks him to come in the kitchen when no one is there.

On the other hand meet its pani puri and starts crying the she asks the pani puri wala to put more spice in it. Her friends tells that they can’t see meet in that condition.

Anubha says to her mother-in-law that she does not want that meet only take care of them and she does not take care of her own in-laws. She adds that she is also made because of Manushi because he is at that house.

She says that Manushi can do anything to destroy the happiness of meet. Manushi welcomes meet ahlawat in the kitchen and tell that she knew that he will come because he loves his wife very much.

She tries to get closer to him and she acts as if she is falling down then meet ahlawat saves him. Anubha opens the door and finds meet standing there meet says that she can take the money from her.

Anubha meet to come there as a married woman.Meet ahlawat thinks that how can he be affected by Manushi because now he has his wife meet.

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