Udaariyaan Episode 265 Promo: Shocking! Jasmine threatens Fateh

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Jasmine meets fateh she tells him that he has always liked surprises. She asks him to stay very aware. Fateh hears her but it does not understand that what is he saying.

Later on tejo receives a letter and a rose. She thinks that it is fateh who has sent her that. She meets fateh and she loves him in front of everyone fateh gets shocked seeing all this.

In the latest episode It is seen that Tejo reaches the cafe where her family member has told her to come. But she does not find anyone later she finds that a child is about to fall she goes to save the child when she meets fateh.

Fateh tells her that he is not following her but the family members have told him to come over there. After some time they realize that the family members are trying to get them together.

Fateh tells that the both of them decides to leave the cafe when the waiter comes and informs them that there is a offer going on for couples.The waiter says that if they buy something from the cafe then they will earn points.

Fateh asks the waiter to give them a cup of coffee they decide to speak about the incidents that has happened in their life since the first few months.

Jasmine goes to the Cafe and gets shocked to see both of them together. She decides to destroy the happiness and the moment. She asks the band man in the cafe to make some noise.

Fateh and tejo ask her that why is she doing always in front of everyone and creating a scene. Jasmine tells that they are planning of getting together once again and she will not let it happen.

On the other hand khushbeer gets angry on Rupi because he has not told the truth to him. He asks rupi that’s why he has lied to him about fateh when he knew that he has not gone to Canada and neither he has married Jasmine.

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