Meet Upcoming Week Update: Manushi is back!

Zee TV daily soap meet is coming up with new and interesting episode. A promo has been released on the internet, and the promise going viral on social media.

The fans of the show are very excited to know that what will happen in the upcoming episodes. In the promo, it is been seen that Manushi is once again trying to enter the life of meet ahlawat.

Manushi is doing always to create problems in the life of her sister. Meet’s mother tells her to stay away from Manushi because Manushi and describe her life and her family.

Meet tells her mother is very worried about her but if she tries to believe this then she will be not able to stay with the family under the same roof.Meet ahlawat gates hurt Manushi goes there and saves him.

In the latest episode It is seen that meet and her husband returns home everyone gets excited to see Tej. But you get to know that Tej has lost.

Meet says that it is her mistake because she is responsible she says that she was with tej when a man came and started showing his torch, and when he put the torchlight on tej’s face he got scared and he ran away.

Babita blames her for everything she says that a mother has been waiting for years to see her son and she could not only because of her. Babita gets upset.

But might receive the phone from the police station after some time and she gets to know that they have got tej. She informed everyone in the house that Tej will be coming to the house in anytime.

Tej returns home but he gets afraid to meet everyone. Babita and the family feels bad because Tej has lost his memory completely. Meet ahlawat brings Tej inside the house.

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