Udaariyaan 29th January 2022 Episode Sneak Peek Update


Udaariyaan 29th January 2022 Episode Sneak Peek Update: Fateh and tejo returns home and they stop the car on the road and both gets down from the car.

Fateh says that he wanted to go to jail so that he can save amrik, Gurpreet stopped him. Tejo says that life is very weird.

She says that she wanted to move on in her life and you don’t want to remember her past but now she wants to stop but life is not letting her stop.

Fateh tells Tejo that life will be giving them this moment and they have to enjoy these moments and remember their life.

She says that the searching lovely moments and the most memorable moments of her life. She feels very good.

Both of them whole situation and looks at each other.Fateh open cars door for tejo. They go to other dhaba.

 He takes her inside the Dhaba and asks the person to bring two cups of tea. She asks him to write what he wants to tell her.

She gives a handkerchief and a pen to him. He writes that he wants her to forgive him. On the other hand, tejo writes that she has already forgiven him long back.

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