Udaariyaan 12th January 2022 :Romatic! Tejo sleeps placing her head on Fateh’s shoulder

Udaariyaan update:Fateh gives a gift to tejo ‘s brother .Tejo finds that there is a beautiful dress . She thinks that the dress is brought by her brothers.

Fateh tells his family to come on the Lohri so that tejo can feel good. Tejo enters wearing the dress that fateh has given her. Fateh feels good to see her in that dress.

Jasmine enters the party and wishes all the members and villagers happy Lohri. The villagers tell that they won’t celebrate Lohri with such a cheater like jasmine.

Jasmine tells that fateh is the one who has betrayed and cheated on her. She calls fateh a cheater. She tells that Fateh has done a fake marriage with her but no one cares for her.

She tells that why will they even care for her because her own family does not care for her anymore.Rupy tells jasmine to stop all this and he apologizes to everyone.

Jasmine asks why is he telling sorry to all of them because he has only broken all the relations with her. Jasmine says that they used to love each other and how Tejo came between them. 

She tells that she has planned a surprise for them and tells them to get ready. Fateh thinks what is she going to do. Later in the bus Tejo sleeps placing her head on Fateh’s shoulder. Fateh smiles. 

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