Kundali Bhagya January 13, 2022 Spoiler

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya episode 13 January 2022 spoiler alert: in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Preeta gets arrested. Prithvi once again gets All the power in his hands to rule the house and the business.

Karan gets back home and asks his mother about Preeta Prithvi comes there and says that preeta at the same place where she must be and that is in the police custody. Karan gets angry hearing this.

In the latest episode It is seen Karan gets angry on Preeta and tells Sameer that his wife is changed and she has given him the order to rise up early in the morning and to become the best cricketer once again he tells Sameer that Preeta has told him that he can’t do business properly.

Preeta gets into an argument with Sherlyn. Preeta tells her to go to the kitchen and make some healthy food for everyone and take care of the family. She tells that if you had been in the house so far then she would have taken care of the family.

She ask Sherlyn that is there someone in the house she loves she says that she is wasting time to speaking to her and she leaves.Nagre comes there and tells with that now she will see what can he do. Prithvi comes over there and interaction between both of them.

Preeta says that everyone knows then when two people are speaking to each other no one should come in between. Prithvi starts insulting her she pushes with me.Nagre comes in front and tells that she can behave like this with his client. He tries to put his hand on Preeta.

Preeta gets angry and she pushes him.Nagre call the police and inform them the police arrives and he says that Preeta will be arrested as it is an attempt to murder case. Rakhi asks that we can’t select this because it is a safety of a woman. She explains to the police that he was putting his hand on Preeta that’s why she pushed him.

The police denies to listen to anyone and arrest Preeta, on the other hand, Karan and Sameer speaks to each other. Karan tells Sameer that brother told him that he can’t take care of the business and he can do nothing. He says that

Preeta has asked him to wake up early in the morning and to practice cricket. Sameer that it is good because Rishabh used to tell the something. Hearing Rishabh’s name Karan gets emotional Sameer asks whether he is remembering him. Karan says that Preeta can never be like Rishab.

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